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Beauty Bar 24K Golden Pulse SKIN CARE Gold Facial Roller Massage Anti-Aging F/S



brass, aluminum(T bar head part is coated by pure gold) 




duration of dry cell : around 3 months(if you use for 3 minutes per a day) 

the number of vibration : around 6000 times per a minute 




size AA manganese dry cell×1pc, special storage bag, instruction 



[manufacture country] 




[size / weight] 

size : body/(length)140cm×(diameter)16mm、T bar head/(length)35cm×(diameter)6mm 

weight : around 80g 




- 24 gold brilliance, for your skin! 

Beauty vibration of 6000 rotations per minute + solid gold power. 

Double power make your skin beautiful. 

Head part is processed by pure gold, the vibration is optimal for facial and hand care. 

In addition, perfect water proof. 

It's easy to use because it's electric. 



[How to use] 

- how to hold 

Please hold softly whole the one third part of body. 

If you hold upper part, the vibration will be smaller. 

Regarding narrow parts like sides of wings of the nose, please use the edge of T bar. 


- acupuncture point 

fitting the round part of T bar edge, and push softly for 2-3 seconds. 


- in the bath 

You can use with soaking in a bath because it's water proof. 

Genuine Beauty Bar 24K Golden Pulse Skin Care T-Head New Well Packed FS

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$70.00Sale Price